We design, install, commission and maintain a large range of systems within the Commercial, Industrial and Domestic sectors.

We are also able to provide cost-efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems which are in line with the Carbon Trust guidelines.

We can offer units from various manufacturers, including Mitsubishi Electrics, Mitsubishi Heavy, Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba and Fujitsu – which carry warranties of 3-5 years.


Maintain suitable humidity levels and free the air from excessive humidity
Supply a constant and adequate level of ventilation
Remove micro-organisms, dust, soot and other foreign bodies from the air
Efficiently cool room air

We typically provide the following solutions:

VRV Systems
VRV Heat Recovery Systems
Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems
Single and Multi Split Systems
Utilisation of latent heat energy for hot water provision, etc.


Equipment Breakdown

Link Climate Services provides 24-hour emergency support for equipment breakdowns. Our engineers are fully qualified and their vans are equipped with a wide selection of parts and materials.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

40 years of experience have shown us that keeping your equipment regularly maintained will help it to continue to run efficiently. We can offer you a FREE, no-obligation survey and competitive quotation.

F Gas Regulations

Link Climate Services is approved by REFCOM for the safe handling of refrigerants and our engineers are able to carry out all aspects of the F Gas Regulations.

Under EU F-Gas Regulations, operators of stationary refrigerating equipment now have to:

Prevent leakage - have leaks repaired as soon as possible by certified personnel and keep maintenance records detailing quantity and type of F Gas used

Carry out a regular fixed schedule of inspections for leaks for equipment with a circuit charge of 3Kg or more, following a standard leak checking and procedure laid down by the commission

Install fixed leakage detection, where systems have a charge of over 300Kg

Manage the proper recovery of F Gases by certified personnel, to ensure their recycling, reclamation or destruction

Mitsubishi Electric